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Intelligent Classification Engine : a platform-independent, language-independent technology which allows any application to understand and use natural language.

The Intelligent Classification Engine (ICE) is the platform underlying Future Edge Knowledge Management products.

ICE is a fully functional concept extraction and manipulation engine. A natural language analysis package combining the latest linguistic, Bayesian and probabilistic technologies, ICE allows natural language analysis and matching capabilities to be added to or embedded within third-party applications, providing a host of benefits.

Rather than relying on the appearance of keywords within text, ICE is able to learn about the subjects and concepts that it's content base includes, relate them, and rank their importance. Because of this ICE is not only able to provide much more relevant results, than current methods but is also able to accept fully natural language queries in any language.

By integrating ICE with Future Edge's family of syncTools, (syncDb and syncWeb etc) it has the capability to synchronise e-mails, databases, intranet and Internet information into a single knowledge base. Content does not necessarily mean the traditional news article, web page or word document. ICE is also able to index information about products, TV and radio listings, and even people. Because of the concept extraction technology, as long as there is a natural language description of something, ICE is able to understand how that object relates to all the others it knows about.

ICE comes with fully documented APIs providing easy access to its rich functionality. It has demonstrably fast responses, and is scalable to millions of documents and thus can be adapted to many different situations. ICE is written in C, allowing easy portability amongst all popular operating systems such as Windows NT and UNIX.


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ICE Functionality Overview Whitepaper
(PDF: 119kb / 5 pages)

ICE Product Sheet
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Enlighten Product Sheet
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